Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pretty Little Studio Sketch Layout

Hi everyone. I have a layout up on the PLS blog today. We were asked to work with this sketch:

I loved the vertical lines, and definitely wanted to keep those in play. I am actually notorious for straying from the sketch. I'm always thinking "Will it offend the sketch designer if I leave this out? What if they look at this and get grumpy because I butchered their beautiful sketch? Will the world stop turning if I change this or that?" For now I am going to assume that there is no band of disgruntled sketch designers stalking me with their crafty scissors raised. Hopefully....

Anyway, having said all that I am proud yo report that I stuck relatively close to the sketch on this one. Here's my layout:

Hopefully this will redeem me in the eyes of those sketch designers. ;) Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to visit the PLS blog to check out the other takes on the sketch.

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