Saturday, May 31, 2014

CSI Case File 125

Hi everyone! I'm just stopping by to share my last layout as a special deputy for May. I really enjoyed playing along and wish I would have had time to do more case files. Here's case file 125:
This was my favorite file for this month. I love the colors and pretty much everything about it. Here's my layout: 
From the evidence list, I chose to use buttons and woodgrain. From the testimony list, I chose to center my journaling around the idea of daydreaming. I love the photo of my little guy running down the pier! That was back in the good ol' days when he was still short and didn't have feet the size of canoes. (insert sniffle here) 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Memory Nest May Layouts

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop by and do a quick recap of the layouts I created for The Memory Nest in May.

These two were created using Dapper Dan:

I had so much fun creating with that collection! If you'd like to get your hands on this collection, or find another one or three, stop by The Memory Nest. Here's a coupon for ya! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's Get A Little Bit Sketchy Layout and Random Ramblings

Hi everyone. I recently saw this sketch that I really liked on the Let’s Get Sketchy site:

As I have admitted in the past, though, I have an issue with sketches. I always see a sketch and think “Ooh! Ooh! I can do that!” When I finish the page, I think “I totally ruined that pretty sketch!” I just have a bad habit of using a sketch as a jumping off point and going completely bonkers from there. So, to the sketch designers of the world, I am sorry. There. I said it. Here’s my layout:

I am SUPER happy with the way this page turned out. It is one of my favorites in a long time. I’ve been watching videos lately from some well known scrappers. I truly enjoy watching their creative processes. Watching them made me realize something, though. I believe I may be a weird scrapper. Lol. I generally scrap alone and haven’t had the opportunity to watch others work very often. Seeing these ladies makes me think my whole process must just be wacky. I’m going to give a brief run down of the steps I took to create this layout. I am not brave enough to do a video. It would be even weirder.

1. I found the sketch after approximately 237 ½ hours of looking online and browsing Pinterest while watching Netflix. Was struck by the realization that I spend way more time browsing scrappy stuff than actually scrapping. Got over it and went into scrap mode.
2. Found these cute pictures of my little hooligan. Debated for another 237 ½ hours (ok, so maybe not that long) about whether to print them in black and white or color.
3. Briefly wished I could do a 12 X 12 print out for a back ground page. Remembered I have rinky dink printer from Wal Mart. Came back to reality.
4. Started pulling out patterened paper and deciding on a color scheme. Found colors and patterns I liked. Briefly contemplated the amount of patterned paper I own and felt deep personal shame.
5. The splotch on the sketch made me think of a sunburst design. Decided to give it a shot.
6. Got the page laid out, decided I liked it. Glued stuff down with my trusty ATG.
7. Went to get a diet Dr. Pepper. This is an essential part of the creative process. Jelly beans might also have been involved, however, I admit to nothing.
8. Realized my scrap table is the worst mess this side of the Mississippi. Start a mad dash to throw junk away. Find stuff I forgot I had. Realize how sad that is, since it’s new stuff I just bought a couple of weeks ago. Shake head.
9. Finish clean up, look down at my almost-finished page and suddenly have an epiphany: it looks like poo. Really.
10. Rip it all apart and ponder how to save the wasted supplies. Momentarily get a glimmer of hope that I can save part of it. Realize I hate the whole cotton’ pickin’ thing and lose all hope.
11. Start over.
12. Start laying out pieces of paper and realize I’m diggin’ it. Get excited and go a bit nutty.
13. Finish up. LOVE IT! Come crashing down when I realize it no longer resembles the sketch and I am a disgrace to sketchy folks everywhere.
14. Spend 24 hours debating whether to link up. Decide I might as well. If the sketch artist comes after me with a hot glue gun or something, I’ll just have to deal with it.

Edited to add:
15. Link up. Realize the little people in the red patterned paper are upside down. Decide to pretend that never happened. 

Thanks for stopping by!Oh, and I'm also linking this up for Crafty Creations on The Memory Nest. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

CSI Case File 122

Hi everyone! I made my big debut on the CSI blog as a guest detective for May! This was the case file I worked with:

The color scheme for this file is just beautiful. I sometimes look at the color schemes and think "uh oh". This time I was excited because I instantly knew just which photo I wanted to scrap. The scene in this file made me think of elegance, which made me think of my great grandmother. If there's one thing I've always noticed about the older women in my family, it's that they are graceful and elegant. I thought this file was perfect for her photo. Here's my layout:
So I looked at the sketch for this file and thought it was just a little too funky and fun to fit what I had in mind. I remedied that by straightening the line of banners. I traced around some chipboard letters and then painted them in before cutting the top portion of the letters free from the background. I tucked the chevron paper behind the letters. I have no stinkin' clue what that little doohickey is at the top right corner. I took the photo outside so my best guess is a leaf of some sort. Am I photoshopping it out? No. Why? I'm lazy. And honest. lol. Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Memory Nest Layouts for May

Hi everyone. I just stopped by to share my May layouts for The Memory Nest. I worked with the Dapper Dan collection. I had never really looked at this collection up close, but it is super cute! It has a funky, 80's kind of feel that I adore and is just masculine enough for my many boy layouts.

Here's what I created:
I love this old picture of my little guy. I am scrapping a lot of old pictures lately, because I am having serious camera issues. It's probably a bad idea to throw the battery charger for your BRAND SPANKIN' NEW camera away, isn't it? lol Here's one more that I made: 
That's another oldie. He was so tiny! Where on earth does the time go?  Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to hop on over to The Memory Nest and take advantage of all the great deals Leslie has going on! :)