Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crop Time!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share that an online crop is going on today at the paperclipping forum! I am also excited to report that I created a challenge for the crop!

While listening to past episodes of the Round Table, I noticed that one topic of discussion jumped out at me. Noelle and her guests were discussing whether or not we involve others in our scrapping. It occurred to me that I'm a pretty solitary scrapper. There aren't other scrappers living near me, and no local crops at all. I am usually all alone in my scrap room. Unless, of course, my little boy decides to pay a visit. He's almost twelve now and too cool to hang out with me, so these visits are becoming quite infrequent.

I decided that for my challenge, I would ask you to get others involved in the scrappy process. Do you have a child running around your house that would love to help Momma be crafty? Maybe a friend living nearby could use a new hobby. Could someone you love help you choose photos for a page? Maybe they could even take the photos for you. Perhaps you could even convince your hubby to help you choose a color scheme. (That last one would be stretching it at my house! lol)

My thought was just that maybe we need to get the people we love involved in the hobby we love every now and then. So, my challenge for the crop is to drag someone else in on the fun! I'm not really concerned about how they contribute, so long as they do. Here's my example layout:

I drug my very non-crafty kiddo, kicking and screaming, up to the scrap room and somehow convinced him to help me. After we got started, he had a ball! I dropped some blobs of paint under the clouds on my layout and had him blow the paint with a straw. That process created this cool, dripping effect. It also led to him wanting to blow paint all over everything, lots of laughter, and a new memory of a fun time for both of us. 

Hope you come on over and play along! :) 

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