Friday, July 11, 2014

Paper Issues: July

Hi everyone! I just stopped by to share this layout that I created for Paper Issues new issue: Getting the Scoop on the Sweet Days of Summer. For this issue, I chose to scrap about our latest vacation. It was quite a trip. We drove from east Tennessee to Niagara Falls, NY and looped back around to Washington DC. Those were just the major spots we visited. There were also side trips to the pro football hall of fame, Lake Erie, and Andy Griffith's home town in North Carolina. So, to sum up, we were in 8 states plus the District of Columbia in a grand total of four days. Whew! I am seriously behind on scrapping all the amazing pictures I took. Here's my layout:
I have been getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest lately. Specifically, I've been looking at amazing pins related to graphic design. The idea of diagonal lines with squares inside came from an ad someone had pinned. It's been interesting for me to watch my scrapping evolve. I have went from an over the top, throw- more-stuff-on-that-little-baby kind of scrapper to one who is quickly embracing simplicity. Although I'm guessing I'll be back to drowning my pages in stuff next week. Ha! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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