Saturday, July 25, 2015

July SOD Layouts and a Bit of News

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing two layouts that I created with the beautiful July kit from Scraps of Darkness. This first one features one of our furry friends.

My son was bored one day and the next thing I knew, my favorite fuzzy socks were being worn by a basset hound. Gotta love a doggie that appreciates a good pair of fuzzy socks! For this layout, I sketched out an outline for the V shape at the top. I had planned to just lay strips of patterned paper in the outline, but then I decided to slice the lines with my exacto knife so that I could weave the paper into the page. It adds some cool dimension.
This next layout features my big, giant, half grown kid.

I swear, that boy changes every single day. He is officially taller than me now, which kind of breaks my heart into a million pieces. For this layout, I cut long rectangles from the patterned paper and then sliced those in half on a diagonal to create these triangular shapes. I snipped the edges to add another V into the ends of them. I doodled the clouds and then cut them out and adhered them with dimensional tape. 

And now for the sad news.. Well, sad-ish anyway. I am going to have to take a break from designing for teams for a while. I started working on my phd this summer and I just can't devote the time that is needed to meet deadlines. I'm certainly not going to quit scrapping, I'm just going to have to scrap when I can. Hopefully that will be often. I sincerely appreciate all the teams that have given me a chance to work with them. Hopefully I can get back into designing for companies when I'm officially "Dr. Sindi". :)


  1. You do wonderful work! good luck and best wishes win your studies for your PHD!!!!

  2. Two neat pages!! Love the clouds in the second one and how you placed your bursts (looks like a paper airplane)!!! LOVE!!